who we are



DBA Africa is a social enterprise focused on youth sport academies, coaching development, sports events, and youth sports tours.  In everything we do, we invest in the long term future of sport in Africa. Our grassroots projects do so much more than keep children active – we teach important health lessons, we strengthen communities, we nurture future leaders, we help girls aspire to better lives. Our youth academies fill a void that will help African countries close the gap to Tier 1 sporting nations. With so much natural talent, we know that having strong investment and a long-term vision, Africa can dominate the global sporting stage.

Meet our TEam

DBA Africa’s 4 core principles are:


Trust is key to everything that we do at DBA Africa. We choose who we work with and how we work with utmost care.   From athletes, coaches, associations and governing bodies, we base our relationships entirely on mutual trust.


At DBA Africa we work as a team, not only within the organisation but with everyone with whom we come into contact.  We collaborate with schools, local sports clubs, government institutions, management teams and private companies across Kenya and Uganda.  Together, we can make significant improvements to sports access and excellence for children and young adults.


At DBA Africa we try to go above and beyond the norm.  We not only provide pathways for talented youths but we also give opportunities to hear talks from professionals, participate in tournaments and selection for unique tours, allowing children to integrate with others from different walks of life.  We aim to build better and stronger communities and athletes.

Talent Development

DBA nurtures new and upcoming talent through our youth academies and tournaments. We enable more athletes to get the opportunity to discover their sport and to access better coaches, facilities, mentorship and opportunities. Our youth academy scholarship programme provides a number of places free of charge, allowing children from disadvantaged backgrounds to participate. 

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